Roadworks route poses risk to public, says Observer

Independent columnist Observer says the one-way system for the High Street roadworks is wrong and praises Uckfield Festival committee for backing Bridge Cottage by holding a concert in the historic building during the summer.

The one-way system for Uckfield High Street roadworks is totally wrong and may put lives in danger.

It should have been a “no brainer” from a public safety point of view to have the traffic running south to north.


Uckfield’s fire station, ambulance station and police station are all south of the town. I’m also told the town’s first responders happen to live south of the river as well.

It will take the 999 services and first responders much longer get to emergencies in north Uckfield having to trail round the by-pass, although I do understand the ambulances are more flexibly based than just the station next to the community hospital

And what happens when the by-pass is blocked?

I dread to think.

Still time for a re-think, unless the county council can publish evidence to prove public safety will not be damaged by the current plan.

At least the roadworks will not now clash with the rail replacement bus bonanza, as long as the line re-opens to Crowborough on time.

Going up this week: Bridge Cottage. As the work comes to an end, Uckfield Festival will be using the historic building as a venue for a jazz event. It’s a good boost for those who have worked so hard on the restoration and great that the festival committee has recognised the potential.

Staying still: Uckfield town councillors got lucky this week when it came to Council Tax. The town has benefited from many more homes being built – meaning the burden is lighter on each property. Still they went for a 2.1 per cent rise.

Going down: Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne. She has pressed ahead with a 3.4 per cent council tax rise. Do we really need crime commissioners? Their effect seems negligible and has not increased democracy one jot.

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