Roadworks: ‘No problems in accessing car parks or finding a space’

Uckfield car parks are open, accessible and usually it is pretty easy to find a space.

That’s the message businesses wish to imprint on the minds of townspeople and those in surrounding villages.

One town councillor said he had heard suggestions from members of the public that some shoppers’ car parks were inaccessible or even closed to public access during the High Street roadworks.

Cllr Chris Macve said people should not be misled because such suggestions were totally wrong.

“Coming from the north of Uckfield, the two car parks at Regency Close and the Luxford Field are easy to get to.

“Coming from the south, you have easy access to the Waitrose and Tesco car parks and the two car parks at Bell Walk.

“At weekends the station car park is free,” he said.

Cllr Macve, who is a member of the town council-led group promoting shopping in Uckfield during the High Street roadworks and the Chamber of Commerce, said he believed some people thought the car parks were inaccessible or hard to get to.

“They are there, they are available, they are free and they are easy to get to,” he said.

He said in the last three weeks he had easily found spaces on different days and times in both the car parks in Regency Close, both the long and short-stay sections of the Luxford Field and at Waitrose and Tesco. He had not been to Bell Walk to park.

“There is plenty of availability,” he said.

Cllr Macve added that traffic delays were rare and certainly no worse than normal times.

• Traffic flow in the High Street has been further improved after the barriers near the Bell Lane junction were moved slightly to the west, allowing two lanes of traffic to once again wait at the traffic lights.

• Members of the promotional group will be in town on Saturday with balloons and details of a photographic “selfie” competition.

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