Traffic nose-to-tail along Bell Farm Road, Uckfield, as vehicles head towards the A22

Roadworks day two – worries over High Street trade

Traffic congestion caused by roadworks in Uckfield town centre appeared to ease during last night’s (September 23) rush-hour.

But speed was still walking pace or slower along Bell Farm Road, on the Bellbrook Business Park and in parts of the High Street.

Temporary traffic lights at the junction near Boots were being manually operated in an attempt to ease the flow.

It was also slow going along the south-western stretch of the by-pass, past Ridgewood Farm, approaching the Little Horsted roundabout as diverted traffic joined what is already a busy stretch of road.


One of a number of signs around Uckfield stating that “New Town is closed”

There were reports that people working on the Bellbrook left work early to “beat the rush”.

Anecdotal reports from people visiting the High Street suggested Uckfield shops were significantly quieter than usual yesterday.

One person posted on the Uckfield News Facebook page: “Looked like a ghost town at 2pm. Tesco was deserted.”

Another said: “I have just come back from my lunchtime walk down the High Street and I must say I have never seen it so quiet on the road.”

One trader noted that it took a customer nearly an hour the previous day to drive from the High Street to their home in Newtown, not from the police station.

Shoppers using the Waitrose car park and businesses in River Way are finding it difficult to join the flow of traffic heading northbound. They have been further delayed by contractor’s plant manoeuvring in the junction with the High Street.

Lynne Willcock, a bus traveller, who struggled to get to work on Monday said day two was much better.

“The bus came tootling along to The Highlands this morning, only a couple of minutes late; arrived on time in Crowborough – hurray.” Her journey home was uneventful too.

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Traffic lights manually controlled

High Street improvements under way


A pedestrian crossing between Tesco and the bus station has been closed as part of the High Street roadworks

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