The road into what will become Ridgewood Place, off Lewes Road, Uckfield. This is the start of the construction of 1,000 homes on what used to be Ridgewood Farm.

Ridgewood houses start but road plans still cause concern

House building has begun on the new 1,000 homes estate for Uckfield at Ridgewood Farm but traffic plans are still up the air.

News of a new roundabout on the A22 Uckfield by-pass sparked controversy when it was revealed it was to be ‘offset’ in the way the roundabout which serves Fernley Park, in Eastbourne Road, was constructed.

There is also still no agreement on traffic calming for Lewes Road, Ridgewood, which will have two new entrances to the estate.

A22 roundabout

East Sussex County Council has explained why the roundabout will be offset.

It has told Uckfield Town Council the new island will be the size and scale of the one at Little Horsted (about 34m in diameter) – making it much larger than the one in Eastbourne Road.

“The offset layout of the roundabout is designed this way to influence driver behaviour and attempt to naturally slow traffic as it approaches the roundabout”.

See our earlier story about the town council’s concerns.

Lewes Road

A number of traffic calming measures for the stretch of road have been brought forward, none of which have found favour with town councillors.

Proposals have included ‘tables’, such as those found in Maresfield.

This is the entrance to the new Ridgewood Place development, just south of the bend in Lewes Road as it leaves what is now the built-up area.

This is the entrance to the new Ridgewood Place development, just south of the bend in Lewes Road and heading away from the built-up area.

Councillors are worried particularly about the first new junction as you head south, which is on a downhill stretch and just after a bend in the road.

The county councillor for Ridgewood, Cllr Chris Dowling, updated town councillors on progress saying there had been a meeting with town council representatives, East Sussex Highways and other stakeholders.

“There was limited progress. A number of issues were raised about the situation in Lewes Road vis-a-vis the development.


“Some of the stakeholders there had particular concerns about their own particular situations that were looked at.

“The outcome of the meeting was that the officers from East Sussex County Council would go away and think again about plans they were looking at.

“They said they would come back with further ideas and further adaptation to the plans.

“That sounds a little bit vague, I know, but there was no definite outcome to that meeting.

Speed monitoring

“I think the concerns that were put forward were taken onboard.

“One upshot of that meeting is that speed monitoring will be done in  Lewes Road.

“There are now five positions in Lewes Road where speed monitoring will be done to ascertain the overall position and get the speed records.

“The question was also raised about the roundabout on the by-pass which will come from the Ridgewood Farm development.

“The county council officers assured us it would be a full-size roundabout. Again they are waiting for final plans and designs on that.”

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