Residents plagued by flies set public meeting date

Flies on a windowsill at the Ridings Estate, Uckfield. They get into peoples mouths, eyes, food, houses and cars.

Residents plagued by flies on the Ridings Estate, Uckfield, are to hold a public meeting on May 1 as they fight to get the problem resolved.

It will start at 11am outside the Victoria Pavilion. Southern Water – who have admitted the flies come from their sewage works – have been invited and so have councillors.

Wealden MP Nus Ghani has told residents she will support them and they have responded asking how she intends to do that.


The MP said in a letter to one resident: “Regretfully, my ability to influence such situations is limited, given that this issue is the responsibility of Southern Water, alongside the local authority, but I intend to support Uckfield locals to my fullest capacity.”

She added: “I wholeheartedly appreciate your grievances with the issue given the nuisance that flies pose while we try to relax and enjoy our gardens. Fortunately Professor Richard Hopkins has made it clear that flies from water treatment plants typically do not represent ‘a direct human health risk’.


In reply one resident has told the MP: “Whilst you have said that these flies do not present a direct health risk, I am pretty sure that neither yourself and your parliamentary colleagues, any of the management team at Southern Water, nor, indeed, Prof Richard Hopkins would be happy to have them in their mouths, eyes, food, houses, or cars, and the fact of the matter is that this is our daily reality.

“It is absolutely unacceptable that, whilst our friends and relatives can start to enjoy the new freedoms from Covid-19, we cannot enjoy the same privilege.

‘Fly day’

“We simply cannot invite people to spend time in our gardens, as there is no telling when will be a good or bad ‘fly day’.

“A bad day means not having our doors or windows open, not being able to hang washing out, and certainly not spending any time outdoors.”

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