Ridgewood Village Hall. Uckfield Town Council is considering ways of curbing anti-social behaviour in the car park and on the recreation ground. (File picture)

Residents appeal for action to curb anti-social behaviour at Ridgewood

Ways of curbing anti-social behaviour in the car park next to Ridgewood Village Hall, and on the recreation ground, are to be considered by Uckfield Town Council tonight.

New Road residents, invited to a meeting last month with police and town and district councillors for Ridgewood, requested three issues be considered by members of the town council’s environment and leisure committee.

They have asked that:

  • A sheltered seating area in the play area be moved elsewhere, or altogether, to deter anti-social behaviour and reduce noise nuisance after dark.
  • Options for adding a gate or some form of security to the entrance of the car park be explored. 
  • The costs of adding permanent CCTV cameras to the village hall/recreation ground be explored.


At the committee meeting tonight councillors will consider initial reports on the costs. More detail is expected at the next meeting.

The cost of removing the sheltered seating area is to be given verbally.


An initial quotation of £1,200 plus VAT has been given for installing three CCTV cameras around the village hall, plus associated video recording equipment and USB back-up for police evidence, a small lockbox, consumables, labour for installation.

A report to the committee says other costs also need to be taken into account such as a CCTV monitor, contingency to take account of any difficulties onsite and ongoing maintenance fees.

It recommends that £2,000 be set aside if members wish to consider this type of system.

Town centre

Linking to the existing town centre CCTV system, which is linked up to the iwitness partnership with Sussex Police, would cost in the region of £10,000 to £12,000.

That would include one high quality HD camera, installation fees, connection fees, licence fees and the work to create a wireless connection between the town centre and Ridgewood.

There would also be ongoing maintenance charges, electricity charges and line rental.

A quote of £3,400, plus VAT, has been obtained for installing a metal high visibility gate and posts at the entrance of the car park, which would include a locking mechanism and lock.

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