Removal of 20mph signage: ‘Political correctness gone mad’

• Owen Hoy is outspoken in his views and an effective campaigner for improvement on Fernley Park Estate where he lives. Occasionally he has his say on town-wide matters too in this column for Uckfield News.

20mph signage

Firstly and in relation to the removal of the 20mph signage, I witnessed that happening also and was therefore somewhat surprised to read the article in Uckfield News outlining the reasons behind this farcical and bureaucratic action.

More public money wasted firstly putting them in place and then dismantling them prior to seeking views in a 21-day consultation period advertised via local media.

That is political correctness gone mad and what about the already sign-painted road surfaces which as far as I’m aware remain in place?

The litter debate continues

I see that the great litter debate continues.

I drove to and from Piltdown again this morning (Wednesday) and it is disgusting. The more that I see it, the more it offends and upsets me. It is far worse than last year. ESCC and Wealden District Council should be ashamed of themselves.

On Saturday I travelled from the Bellbrook Industrial Estate roundabout to Sevenoaks via Crowborough and Tunbridge Wells and I just could not believe the amount of filth on both sides of the Uckfield bypass and beyond. It is going to take months to get this cleared if at all.

Currently I’m ashamed to say that I live here as these waste-ittered roads reflect badly on all of us although most of the litter is thrown from passing vehicles or falling off the back of overladen lorries.

As these areas were cut back the litter picking crews should have followed close behind at the same time but as usual common sense and logic doesn’t come in to the equation and anyway that is too simple for anyone at our councils to comprehend by the looks of it.

Observer and Ground Zero

Great observations, views and suggestions from Observer and I totally agree with them but we can only dream can’t we?

My reply to NEWCOMER

Whilst my response to your many suggestions may have sounded negative, I Owen Hoy, live in the real world where things do not happen unless you wear rose tinted spectacles.

Solar panels

Not as free and clean as you seem to think. Whilst some companies do offer incentives to install such panels, many don’t and it can take years to re-coup the initial costs and, as you say, I’m a lover anyway of the traditional roof which sits better in our rural location.


We will have to beg to differ on this issue as well. I do our large weekly shop every Thursday and visit the store most days for small items which may have been forgotten so I see the way in which people shop and I have to say that the majority of people will place their shopping in their vehicles before exiting the car-park on foot to visit other shops in the high street.

Also whilst a Tesco Express may stay open longer and be open on Bank Holidays etc, the cost of the majority of their items on the shelf is a few pence more expensive than a standard store which would soon mount up over a period of 12 months and why should we pay more for the same products just to move our main store out of town ? Definitely a non-starter.

Bell Lane Industrial Estate

As Chris Lawson said last week – where will it be located ?

Railway car park

Finding other uses and applying lower charges is not ever going to happen. Network Rail are a law unto themselves and will not alter their parking terms and conditions for Uckfield as it will create a precedent and then every other town in the UK will want the same.

Electric vehicles

Having worked in the motor industry since 2006 my comments of last week remain unchanged.

• Owen Hoy is outspoken in his views and an effective campaigner for improvement on Fernley Park Estate where he lives. Occasionally he has his say on town-wide matters too in this column for Uckfield News.

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