Remote-controlled car club members defend their plans for Halland track

Members of the Sussex Bashers who have applied for permission to use a field at Crockstead Farm Hotel, Halland, as a track for radio-controlled cars have told Uckfield more about their club.

We reported last week that neighbours had objected to the plans mainly because of concern about noise but two club members have responded saying they are working with the council and colleagues to keep the noise down.

Kevin Sexton from Ringmer who submitted the retrospective planning application to Wealden Council said that in the seven months they had been running on the field off Sandhill Lane there had been one noise complaint.

They acted on it straight away and since then have had two further meetings without any complaints.

Mr Sexton said: “I would urge any resident to come to our next meet on Sunday, November 11, to see what we do and what we are all about. We are not a bunch of yobs with remote controlled cars but a group of normal every-day hard-working people just trying to enjoy our hobby.”

Mr Sexton said the Sussex Bashers was a friendly group of enthusiasts who had been looking for a site for about two years.

They have used the Halland field for seven months and now applied for full planning permission to use it as a permanent home.

He added there were about 30 regular members, some as young as nine and others 40+. Each car was of a size that would fit on to a dining room table.

“We only run every three weeks on a Sunday. Cars are never started or run before 10am and we are finished between 4.30pm and 4pm.”

He stressed no permanent structures would be built on the site and 90 per cent of the field would be untouched by the Sussex Bashers.

“We will only be using the driveway to the track and the areas marked in red on the plans. We are willing to work with all residents of the local area so as to cause minimum disruption.”

Matt Mussett added that the group took every step to provide as little disruption to others as possible. Cars weren’t parked on the road, litter was collected after events and noise was kept to a minimum.

“We are not silent, of course, but the point is we are aware of the potential for irritation and do what we can to take others into consideration.”

Mr Mussett said he would like to change the perception that the Bashers were a group of noisy yobs. He added: “I am sure the idea in one’s mind as to what we ‘could’ be about and the impact we would have on the ‘neighbours’ is a lot worse than the reality!”

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