Refill Uckfield – let’s get it going and beat the plastic menace – Observer

Our independent columnist Observer floats an idea to cut down on the use of plastic bottles.


Is there any reason why a Refill Uckfield scheme cannot be launched for people’s plastic water bottles?

It seems such a simple idea: take your empty water bottle into a shop/cafe and get a free refill of tap water while you are out and about.

This idea seem to have so much going for it and is likely to gain more traction than the 10p suggested levy on a bottle to encourage recycling.

Multiple use of plastic bottles

This would ensure the bottle has multiple uses – and, of course, many people now carry around their own bespoke water bottles.

I first came across the idea when working in the Westcountry but gather it is spreading around the country.

This, I think, would make a significant difference over time to the marine litter problem and the unsightly bottles and tops which blow around our street, blocking up drains, and posing a hazard to wildlife.

Who will co-ordinate

All it needs is for the scheme to be co-ordinated.

Uckfield Town Council would seem an obvious candidate, although it could be taken on by a charitable/community group.

You just need to get businesses to sign up and display Refill stickers and away you go.

It wouldn’t cost a business much to refill bottles and they would know they were doing their bit for the environment.

We are, I believe a Fair Trade town . . . let’s make another mark by becoming Refill Uckfield.

Learn more at the Refill website (outside link)

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