Reduction in grass cutting could be a great opportunity, says Observer

Our independent Saturday columnist, Observer, suggests a floral solution to East Sussex County Council’s sharp reduction in the frequency grass verges are cut in Uckfield and other urban areas.

The reduction in cutting grass along roadside verges is a great opportunity for Uckfield and should not be regarded as all bad news.

Yes, the smart mown affect will go but why not replace it with a profusion of wild flowers?

That’s probably a “greener” solution and will be good for the birds, the bees, butterflies, insects and wildlife in general.

It would also be cheaper in the long run.

Now, I am not a gardener – anyone with horticultural knowledge can chip in via this website’s Facebook page – but I see it working like this.

I know enough to realise that seeds need some bare soil to take root. That means the ground has to prepared.

That to my mind equates to the cost of one cut.

Sow seeds and leave.

Cut said verges in the late autumn.

Job done or nearly.

The county should put up proper signs to let townspeople and visitors know what is going on. Let’s celebrate and shout about what we are doing.

Southview Drive, on the run-up to UCTC, is I think managed on a similar basis because of the wild flowers. I say think because that was my deduction from the yellow flower-shaped symbols on posts along the verge.

I think East Sussex County Council should do the preparation and annual mow.

Set-up costs, including the purchase of wild flower seed, might cost a bit more than the two cuts it plans to do this year but next year there will only be one verge cutting to do.

Uckfield Town Council were right not to pay for extra cuts. See: Frequency of roadside grass cutting in Uckfield to be slashed.

However, I wouldn’t object if they chipped in with a contribution towards the wild flower seed.

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