The red telephone kiosk opposite Uckfield railway station.

Red telephone kiosk is to remain next to Uckfield station car park

Update on Thursday, November 12, 2015: The red telephone kiosk outside the new Uckfield station car park is to stay in place.

A rumour that it was to be removed led to Uckfield Town Council offering to buy it but clerk Ashley Serpis told Uckfield News that Network Rail had said it was to stay.

He said this had been reported to a general purposes committee meeting and the matter was taken off an action list.

Our original story on July 14, 2015: Uckfield Town Council is preparing to buy an almost forgotten red telephone kiosk for possible community use.

The kiosk, opposite the railway station, must go to make way for the new car park.

Members of the council’s general purposes committee were told last night (July 13) that the “iconic” box  had to go but it could be possible for the council to buy it for a nominal fee, perhaps even £1.

“In other towns and parishes where the boxes have been purchased, they have been used as small libraries, art galleries, modern sculpture and planting areas.  It is also possible that they can be reconnected to an electricity supply and be used, for example, to house a defibrillator,” a report by town clerk, Ashley Serpis said.

He said it was not known if the box was available to buy but suggested the council agreed in principle to buy and store until a suitable use was found.

The report added: “Whilst there is currently no specific use or location for the phone box it is considered to be an important piece of the old street scene and as mentioned above, many town and parish councils have purchased the boxes rather than allow them to be destroyed.

“Members may feel that preserving some of the old parts of the town is important and have in the past purchased the signal box and with public help, Bridge Cottage.

“As Members will also be aware there is an entry in the town council’s business plan to look to relocate the Reverend Edward Cardale memorial from Victoria Pleasure Ground to a more central location,” the town clerk’s report said.

General Purposes Committee members present at the meeting

Chair: Cllr Ian Smith, Independent, Ridgewood
Vice-chair: Cllr Paul Meakin, Liberal Democrat, Central
Cllr James Anderson, Trust Independent, North
Cllr Jacqueline Beckford, Liberal Democrat, Ridgewood
Cllr Louise Eastwood, Trust Independent, North
Cllr Keith Everett, Independent, Ridgewood
Cllr Helen Firth, Conservative, Central
Cllr Paul Sparks, Liberal Democrat, North
Cllr Diane Ward, Trust Independent, Central

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