The recycling bring site which could be removed from the Foresters Hall car park can just be seen at the back of this Uckfield News file photograph.

Recycling site at Foresters Hall could be closed

A recycling ‘bring’ site at Foresters Hall in New Town, Uckfield, could be closed.

Wealden Council says it is collecting less than half the recycling material from this site, in Harcourt Road, than it was in 2013 and has offered to remove it.

The offer follows a request from Uckfield Town Council for the bring site to be relocated to another side of the hall to assist with changes in the car park. The site currently occupies two parking spaces.

Improved kerbside recycling

Wealden attributes the fall in use of the site to the introduction of improved kerbside recycling services because in 2013 they started to collect glass bottles and jars directly from each household.

The council also says that more of the material now being disposed of through its recycling bring sites originates from commercial sources.

A report to the town council’s environment and leisure committee which meets on Tuesday says the district council was contacted because of plans to patch car park potholes, reconfigure the area to create more parking spaces, and provide better access for those using the hall at the front of the building.


The report says: “In the planning of these works the estates and facilities manager made contact with Wealden District Council to see if the recycling bring site could be moved, or relocated to another side of the hall to assist with the changes within the car park.”

The district council has since offered to remove the site altogether, remove the fencing that sits around it and repair the surface where the post holes are.

Wealden says any residents currently using the facility could either use the recycling bin at their own property or recycling sites at the Highlands Inn, Tesco, or Luxfords Car Park.

Eight sites

The report to the environment committee says Wealden contacted town council in May 2018 as it reviewed its bring sites.

At the time there were eight sites at Bellbrook Business Park, Foresters Hall, Highlands Inn, Luxfords, Regency Close, Tesco, Victoria Pleasure Ground, and West Park.

Higher usage

Those with the higher usage were Highlands Inn, Luxfords, and Tesco.

At the time Uckfield councillors wished for all bring sites to stay.

The town council report says: “This specific enquiry raised with the district council has now provided an opportunity to re-review the recycling bring site at Foresters Hall Car Park.”

Read more about the work being done at Foresters Hall and in the car park in another Uckfield News story here: Car park potholes to be filled and more parking spaces provided.

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