Tarmac infill replacing slabs on Uckfield High Street.

Readers’ letters

Replacing paving stones with tarmac, problems finding Uckfield parking spaces and lack of parking enforcement are discussed in readers’ letters here.

Tarmac infilling looks appalling, says David

David York writes about the ‘defacement’ of new pavements in Uckfield High Street after noticing in November that a contractor had dug up the pavement and rather than going to the time and cost of replacing the paving slabs they filled the hole with tarmac.

He said then: “This looks appalling and the tarmac has now sunk causing a trip hazard. Who on the council is responsible for making the contractor come back and put the pavement back as they found it, after all they made a big thing about how good the High Street now looked.”

Now, weeks later David says:  “The ‘tarmac’ infill behind the bus shelter opposite Nationwide, has now sunk so badly it is a major trip hazard. (Editor’s note – looks from our picture as if this hole has been re-filled again)

“Now some of the cobble stones by the nail bar have been removed and instead of being replaced the contractor has again taken the cheap quick option and used tarmac.


More tarmac infill on Uckfield High Street.

“As no one appears to take them to task, why should they care about the shoddy look of their work has on the very expensive face-lift given to the high street.

“After all it is only tax payers money and if somebody trips over and injures them selves the tax payer will pick up the bill, not them.”

It is extremely difficult parking in Uckfield, says Gilly Brownsword

Gilly Brownsword comments on an Uckfield News story about a district council claim that Uckfield has plenty of parking spaces.

“Wealden DC obviously have no idea about the state of parking in Uckfield.

“Have any of them actually been here and had a look?

“Most people would realise that if 1,000 new homes are being built there are going to be a lot more cars coming into town and parking. They are certainly not going to be walking!

“At the moment, if you need to park for more than three hours, it is extremely difficult. I was in the Luxford car park the other morning at 9.30am and all the ten hour spaces were full.

“This means that people park in the side roads, some of which are now so full that I expect the residents have difficulty parking.”

Uckfield needs Civil Parking Enforcement

Owen Hoy says Uckfield is in serious need of Civil Parking Enforcement and gives his reasons here.

His comments follow a story on Uckfield News about a recommendation from the leader of Wealden Council that it shouldn’t be introduced. See: Wealden Council set to ditch the idea of Civil Parking Enforcement.

Owen says:

“There is no point Cllr Bob Standley saying that Uckfield Town Council needs to continue a dialogue with Sussex Police on how on-street parking enforcement can be managed for the benefit of Wealden residents, because the police have said time and time again that they are not interested and neither do they have the resources to deal with what they class as a minor crime, if you can call it that.

“A recent prime example of this was a few weeks ago at the traffic lights junction opposite Boots when a pedestrian was involved in a collision with a vehicle and Sussex Road Traffic Police and Ambulance crews were in attendance.

“Whilst dealing with the incident a large HGV had mounted the pavement with all four wheels to the side of Shoe Zone in order to make a delivery, in breach of numerous rules of “The Highway Code”, namely parked on double yellow lines and causing a serious obstruction but did the police act? No they totally ignored this serious offence.

“Again the Sussex police and crime commissioner Katy Bourne has confirmed a rise in the police precept by £12 a year for an average Band D property bringing the overall yearly increase to £100 and for what?

“Civil Parking Enforcement is required as far too many drivers are being selfish by overstaying the time limit in Uckfield High Street knowing full well that they will not receive a fixed penalty notice, plus there is continuous illegal parking on crossing areas, double parking, parking on single and double yellow lines and parking on the pavement to name but a few.”

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