Readers’ letters – People of Uckfield shouldn’t be afraid to walk around town

Owen Hoy comments on two of our stories this week, Uckfield residents want action against teenage thugs, and Uckfield Band D Council Tax will be nearly £2,000 from April.

He says:

Uckfield residents want action against teenage thugs

The people of Uckfield should not be afraid to walk around our lovely town in fear of being attacked by marauding, disrespectful teenage thugs.

The police know full well who they are and should be taking he appropriate action and not using their usual excuse of having to build a case against each and every one of them first.

These little thugs believe that they can continue to run riot, provoke and intimidate law abiding citizens of this good town, knowing full well that there are no police officers on the beat in Uckfield and, in fact, since the demise of the Uckfield PCSO some two years ago now, I myself have never seen a beat bobby and the Neighbourhood Policing Team is no longer based in Uckfield as far as I am aware.

I feel for the lady who was reprimanded recently by the police for retaliating but so would I have done and the people of Uckfield should be aware of the following:-

Any individual has the right to use reasonable force to either defend themselves from attack, or to protect their property, and that includes against teenage thugs and minors alike.

In closing I would suggest also that our Uckfield Town Mayor (Councillor Louise Eastwood) joins the rest of us who live in the real world as allowing these pathetic little human beings to carry on in this manner will only turn them into career criminals in the very near future.

Vigilantes no, of course not, but we are not going to sit back and await the arrival of the police depending upon their priorities at the time of the incident. If you feel threatened but are strong enough to detain individuals then do so as the law is on your side.

We are too much of a nanny state nowadays and these unruly kids know it.

Uckfield Band D Council Tax will be nearly £2,000 from April

Is anyone else in Uckfield appalled at the increased council taxes that we are being asked to pay this year?

We are getting less and less for our money yet those of us living in Band D properties will now have to find £1,994.33 per annum and for what?

Over a ten month payment period this equates to £199.43 per month. The larger the property the higher the charge – absolutely disgusting, and I wouldn’t mind but coupled with this, those of us who live on a new housing development (Fernley Park) have to pay an added annual management fee to a Property Management company for the privilege of living here.

In the case of my property that is £425 per annum, which is a grand total of £2,419.33 before my wife and I have even eaten.

The head of Wealden District Council (Cllr Bob Standley) marvels at his achievements (ie purchasing Hailsham Shopping Centre for £12.5 million) with his colleague Councillor Roy Galley praising WDC for making it to 62nd position in the UK waste recycling league, but have either of them driven along the Uckfield bypass recently between the Little Horsted and Copwood roundabouts and beyond to the Black Down roundabout?

I think not as none of the litter reported to their organisation months ago has been collected.

Wealden District Council get your act together and provide value for money for a change and not just the usual empty promises!

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