Reader’s letter – Two ideas for walking/cycling routes in uckfield


Tim Benians.

Tim Benians, a cyclist himself, suggests two ideas for potential walking/cycling routes in Uckfield which could reduce dependency on cars.

He says, in an email to Uckfield News:

“I am always looking for ways to reduce dependency on cars, for all the usual reasons of saving the planet, reducing congestion, as well as providing healthy exercise with the alternative means of getting around.

“On a local level I have two ideas for potential walking/cycle routes I’ve mentioned before in surveys and consultations, as well as to the Uckfield Town Council.

“One is simply to use the service road called Bellfarm Lane that runs up from beside SG Home Interiors to the back of Fuller and Scott undertakers. It would involve taking a bit of the latter’s car parking yard to a step free link to Civic Approach.

Lot safer

“I currently cycle this route myself, then through the Luxford car park, and behind the Picture House to emerge onto Church Street. Apart from a bit of a fiddle around the front of the Civic Centre, it’s a lot safer than cycling up Uckfield High Street.

“The second idea is to provide a shared pedestrian and cycle route from the back of the new station car park down the old rail trackbed to link to the footpath emerging at the Royal Mail building on Brambleside.

“Currently it would be better for workers such as me, the postmen, and others to move between the southerly edge of Bellbrook Business Park and the High Street, without using cars.

“Having walked it myself it wouldn’t take much work to make the route passable, perhaps just a gate at the back of the new car park.


“In the future this route would be much more important as it could link to the new houses on the new Ridgewood Farm development from what I can make out from the plans.

“I believe funding for this path would be a small price to pay to alleviate traffic, as many new Ridgewood Farm residents could walk or cycle into the town centre without getting into their cars at all, so no town centre car park pressure and no Nitrogen Oxide emissions.

“I would also imagine the developer would be pleased to pay, as it would have the added benefit in making the new houses more desirable being within easy walking and cycling distance of the high street.


“One important proviso would have to be that any new footpath cycle way along the old trackbed would not provide another obstacle to reinstating the Uckfield to Lewes railway.

“Currently I despair at the needless use of cars. We are all guilty of this … personally I enjoy drives in classic cars and motor bikes, so feel more than slightly hypocritical!

“But seeing the streams of cars dropping children at school every morning reminds me that we are not setting a very good example for the next generation!”

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