Readers Letters – Tricky trolleys and praise for Good Samaritan

Praise for Good Samaritan

Theo Hohlbaum, from Forest Row, is impressed by the way a Good Samaritan stepped in to help a frail patient travel from the Meads health centre to a bus stop after five taxis said they couldn’t accept his fare.

He writes, to Uckfield News:

“Witnessed last Friday afternoon a frail old patient at the reception of Uckfield Meads Health Centre asking the charmingly helpful receptionist to call a taxi to take him to the local McDonalds (to catch bus 261 leaving over an hour later) because he won’t manage shuffling there.

“A gentleman behind them overheard the receptionist, who was frustrated by all five taxi companies on her list not being able to accept the fare, and very kindly offered to take the frail gentleman as he was going to Tesco nearby anyway.

“All’s well that ends well:
  1. The frail 88-year-old old suffering from left ventricular aneurysm as a result of two heart attacks, Age Related Macular Degeneration, etc. having attended his appointment at Meads Health Centre is now happy to have a chance buying bunches of Asparagus at Tesco and being able to board bus 261 to take him home in Forest Row where he has his mobility scooter.
  2. The charming and helpful receptionist eased from the shock of helpless frustration by seeing the gentleman offering a lift to the patient.
  3. The unknown very kind Gentleman who has done his daily good deed.”

Please bring back smaller trolleys

Mrs J Sealey is struggling with new trolleys at Tesco. She writes:

“I have shopped weekly at the Tesco store since it first came to the town. Two weeks ago the smaller trolleys I have previously used were replaced with larger ones, deeper and with a child seat.

“These are quite unsuitable for my use. They are heavier (I am 79), the handle is at chest height (I am 5’ 3” tall), and I only shop for two retired people.

“I expressed my views at the Customer Service desk – they were supportive and said a lot of their customers had expressed similar views to mine.

“My main complaint is that for a company who pride themselves on ‘customer service’ at present they are only serving the interests of some of the Uckfield population.

“I have written to Tesco’s asking them if they can reinstate a fair proportion of the smaller trolleys. Thank you for reading this – I hope Tesco see sense and then I will shop there again.”

Yes bring back smaller trolleys

There was support for Mrs Sealey’s call to bring back smaller trolleys at Tesco from Gilly St James who emailed Uckfield News saying:

“Apparently many many people have complained about the change of trollies in Tesco, the most stupid thing they have ever done.

“I was told it was a trail. I do not understand why they did not ask the customers first!

“Yesterday three of the small shallow trollies had made an appearance and rumour has it that more of them are returning to the store, let’s hope it will be sooner rather than later.”

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