A view of the bottom of Uckfield High Street before improvement works were carried out.

Reaction to Uckfield Town Council’s call for re-think on High Street works

People have been reacting to Uckfield Town Council’s call for a re-think on High Street improvement works.

Messages via the Uckfield News contact form and on our Facebook page include the following:

Uckfield High Street is tired and rests in the 70s

Samantha Smith wrote to us saying: “I have been following the debacle of Uckfield High Street and I am incredulous that neither the Town Council or the business community have welcomed and embraced the proposals to improve the High Street.

“The High Street is tired and rests firmly in the 1970s and the investment of £3 or £4million should be grasped before the District/County Council lose patience.

“I think I speak for many who are frustrated by the whole process, get on with the work, improve the appearance of the High Street and let’s see if we can’t attract a few ‘High Street’ stores. The short term pain will lead to much longer term gain, I doubt Uckfield will have such an opportunity again.

“I live just outside Uckfield and therefore wasn’t eligible to vote in the town referendum, but it’s not the road works that will stop me coming into Uckfield, it’s what Uckfield has to offer, the lack of choice (apart from charity shops) and its tired appearance.

“Instead of moaning about these proposals the Town Council and Chamber of Commerce should take a visit to Lewes and then they’ll soon discover why their trade is suffering, and then focus their attention of getting some true ‘High Street’ names into Uckfield.

“Returning the money to the developer will be the death knell of Uckfield, moaning about it won’t solve a thing.

“Losing a few parking spaces to relieve congestion won’t deter people coming into the town, it’s the lack of offer and the boring image that will.”

‘It’s vitally important the work goes ahead’

The following comments come from our Facebook page:

Ian Goldsmith says: “If compromise is what is needed to stage the roadworks then fine, but so that Uckfield doesn’t wither and die as a High Street, it is vitally important that the work to improve the High Street goes ahead.”

Len Bailey says: “Looks like the town improvements will never get done at this rate all because lazy people can’t walk! Such a shame …”

Russell Jackson: “I don’t like parts of the current plans and I don’t like how they are being forced through. However I would hate to see the money go back to the developers rather than be spent on the town.”

The comments were sparked by our story: Town council calls for big re-think on Uckfield High Street works

Jacques Dopson: “So basically the same outcome as the Chamber of Commerce but a different news article title and a bit more padding. Change the plans to give the money back. Yet everyone goes mad at COC for their views. Hmmmm.”

Emma Furlong: “I really hope two-way traffic can remain during the roadworks. Round trip from Ridgewood through town was taking 50 minutes when last roadworks were on.”

Read about the Chamber meeting here: Uckfield Chamber members vote to return developers’ money

‘Leave the town as it is’

Some people were pleased with the council’s call for the money to be returned to developers if the changes they demand don’t go ahead.

Chanesse Comber: “If they have to keep re-thinking and they know a lot of shops will suffer, how about leave the town as it is.”

Jo Hextor: “Great outcome.”

Maria Mann: “Thank goodness for that.”

Sandra Ferguson: “Are the residents and business owners being listened to … maybe!”

Josh Taliesin Gibbens: I’m very happy with the resolution that was agreed by UTC.”

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