Flowers and plants shoot up in an Uckfield garden

Rain and warmth have encouraged all the flowers and plants in the garden to grow a lot.

This incudes the hedge at the front of the property which you may remember being almost halved in size last year, writes the Uckfield News Anonymous Gardener.

This month though the job wasn’t as big and it was relatively easy to cut stalks that were unruly and sticking out at all angles.

The lawn, which we have fought to improve for years, is looking much better and there are no longer large patches without grass.

Roses are looking really good but there are a few aphids about. To get rid of these we sprayed ‘Rose Clear’ on them. Coincidentally this smells of Turkish Delight sweets which is rather nice.

If the aphids were left they would take all the goodness out of the plant and the roses wouldn’t do as well.

Recently planted flowers are looking lovely. The cornflowers in particular have already grown quite tall and the marigolds bring lots of colour to the garden.

We’re making sure to dead-head the flowers so that the plant can put energy back into the rest of the flowers. You can see some dead-heads that we are about to remove in the picture of marigolds.

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