Train leaving Uckfield heading for London Bridge

Rail punctuality inquiry will find plenty of evidence on Uckfield Line – Observer

Our columnist Observer talks about rail service puncutality, the 1,000 homes plans at Ridgewood and High Street parking


An inquiry announced yesterday (June 12) into poor punctuality on the nation’s rail network should find Network Rail guilty as charged.

My “verdict” is based on performance on the Uckfield Line, operated by Southern.

Main train home for many, the 18:05 from London Bridge, was re-timed from 18:08 from the start of the current timetable to help improve punctuality.

Some hope.

This service crawls to East Croydon, gets frequently trapped behind a stopping service to East Grinstead service on the way to Oxted and inevitably arrives late at Uckfield – not by much: but it is LATE.

‘MP right to highlight Southern’

I was pleased to read that the newly elected MP for Wealden, Nus Ghani, highlighted that Southern services had been picked out for “their unsatisfactory reliability and punctuality”. Here, here as they say in the House of Commons.

You can read more of her comments here

More trains, more passengers may be reasons for the delays and late running.

Personally, I’ve lost interest in the excuses – as have most travellers. Get it sorted – and soon.

Thinking about it, the slow progress on the new Network Rail car park for Uckfield should be evidence enough.

Ridgewood 1,000 homes

RIDGEWOOD 1,000 homes plans was given outline planning permission, with conditions. No news there then! Major worries about travel planning were not enough to convince Wealden councillors to reject the application. Can we appeal? Thought not. story here

By the way, congratulations to Wealden District Council for their streaming of council meetings via the internet, which can subsequently be replayed.

High Street parking

HIGH STREET parking: It seems East Sussex County Council has not listened. “Informed sources” told that the number of spaces would be halved under the latest plan. That just about tallies what I was told earlier in the week over a pint of “best” in the Dog and Duck from someone who knows about these things. ESCC – the vote was to retain High Street parking; not halve it. As my son would say: “You’re having a laugh, Dad.” [I think he disapproves when he says that].

Another Parish Poll? Protest marches? Or will shops just fade away? We shall see. story here

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