Rail commuters taken for a ride (again), says Observer

Our independent columnist Observer seethes over rail price increases and advertising boards which sprang up along Uckfield High Street on Thursday.


Angry . . . I’m fuming over the latest train fares prices hike.

If you owned a business which was frequently late in delivering orders; sometimes didn’t deliver at all; often delivered poor quality; and was weak at communicating with customers . . .

you would not have a business for very long.

The bankruptcy court would beckon.

If your name is Southern you can do all these things and get away with annual eye-watering price rises.

Up again from January by 3.6 per cent, imposed through some government pricing structure which takes no account of whether passengers are getting what they pay for, let alone considering that few people are getting 3.6 per cent pay rises.

It’s a scandal but Southern has a monopoly so all we can do is grin and bear it.

 Eyesore advertising

MY MOUTH dropped when I saw the large advertising signs draped round lampposts in Uckfield High Street.  It’s an eyesore and a disgrace that any business thinks it can away with such actions.

A friend told me they were put up on Thursday teatime, coming out of the back of a small black van, and can also be seen in Lewes.

What makes it worse is that the event being promoted is not even being held in Uckfield – even if it was, such signs should not have been used in the way they are.

There’s far too much fly-posting of advertising notices in and around Uckfield but this truly takes the biscuit.

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