‘Protect market-like appearance of Uckfield’

The High Street is again a “welcomed area for improvement”, said East Sussex County Council when reporting on the results of its Uckfield town centre consultations.

There was a “strong theme to protect the ambience of the town and its market-like atmosphere and appearance”.

  • Points for consideration are:
  • Aesthetically pleasing planting would be good; (although concerns on roots uplifting pavements and leaves blocking drains)
  • Concern on removing too much on-street parking
  • Design of the bus stop lay-by
  • Few people travel to town on bicycles – bike park/stands are unnecessary
  • Those that do cycle want to see safer roads and the opportunity to create cycle routes in and
  • around town.

Commenting on the details of the survey, the county council said: “Upgrading the traffic signals in the town centre was identified as a positive step.

When remarking about repositioning of bus-stops, a common theme (61 respondents) is to ensure they are recessed to allow traffic flow in the High Street.

“With regard to widening and resurfacing pavements, residents were generally positive, however, there was concern that delivery lorries will park on them.

“Comments upon the removal of two pedestrian crossings to make way for an improved crossing in the middle of the High Street were negative in tone. The elderly felt particularly vulnerable having to walk further uphill in some instances to cross the High Street.

“The proposals to install better street lighting were positively received and would enhance the town.

“The introduction of new and replacement of existing bike stands received mixed views from those who use bicycles and those who want to in the future. The general view that the planting of trees was a visual improvement to the town but there were requests to consider their maintenance.

“Removing unnecessary signs and barriers in general was identified as a very good thing, but 28 commented that toilet signs should be more visible with directions to nearest ones.

“Amongst the car drivers travelling into town, the removal of high street parking was seen as negative; 207 respondents liked the ease of parking outside the shops they wish to visit.

“Views expressed that the other car parks (particularly Luxford Fields car park) identified the need for these to be upgraded before removing on-street parking.

“Short term parking was a request between 1-4 hours within the car parks and enforcement is required.

“Loading bays were deemed necessary in particular however there were 18 comments on a florist van making deliveries and constantly causing obstruction.

“Wheelchair users expressed concern for a safer crossing at the Church Street junction and disabled pavement ramps on all town centre roads.

“Requests for traffic calming and reviewing the speed limit potentially from 30mph to 20mph were made as well as ‘Red Routes’ which would prohibit vehicles stopping in the most congested parts of the High Street.

“In summary, most individuals do like the enhancements to the town from the High Street scheme, if it has a positive impact to the environment, the traffic flow, the convenience to local shops and retain free parking to attract visitors and residents.”

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