Proposals set out for new road layouts in Uckfield are 'ridiculous'

I am just writing to agree with Paul Watson's thoughts on the whole traffic issue in Uckfield.

I have lived in the town since I was born, being 31 now, this is a long time, writes Jill Harriss.

During this period I have seen many of the changes we are faced with having such a growing population in our town, from the building of Tesco to the building of a new hospital.

I am not averse to change in the town as things will always have an ever evolving need which has to be met, however the proposals set out by the council for the new road layouts are in short RIDICULOUS!

The option for putting in a road to run round the back of Tesco's next to Holy Cross School should not ever have been considered an option, and as for putting a flyover by the train/ bus station will not alleviate the problem with traffic in the centre of town as it directs it straight from there to the bypass which is where we end up with a backlog of traffic anyway.

A lot of people will not want to have the town so majorly disrupted for such a meagre result.

The suggestions put forward by Mr Watson are all good ideas which will help to ease the pressure put on the town.

I personally work as an HCA in a GP surgery and we are told to help patients by re-educating them to change their lifestyle.

This same principle could be applied to the town and the way residents use it. By making slight alterations to the roads in and around the town and the way in which they are accessed / used may help.

All of the proposed ideas have potential to help the town with minimal impact. Unlike the building works which the council have proposed to do.

I would like to know exactly what the council based its information on to the cause of disruption in the town. I frequently travel up and down the town at all different times if the day and the only time I am ever truly “stuck” in traffic is when there are people turning onto Church Street from the North end of town (Manor Park) where I have done the school run and am driving back down, and also when a shop in town is having a delivery blocking half of the High St!

Perhaps the council could look at provision for having PROPER delivery access in town of businesses which require them. Namely the Florists in town, Euronics Electrical store, and the pound shop! These are the key areas which cause disruption to our town.

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