Preparations for a good show of dahlias next year

Clearing leaves, preparing dahlia tubers and raking the lawn to remove moss and dead grass – these are some of the jobs undertaken by the Uckfield News Anonymous Garden in the past month. Read on to learn more.

This month the leaves have finally started to fall from the oak trees. Raking them is hard work so I have a Garden Vacuum. It can suck all the leaves up or blow them all into a corner.

It makes it a lot easier to pick up all the leaves, although it does get quite heavy once you have been holding it a long time. You also need to be able to plug it in, this isn’t always practical in some gardens. Luckily in the garden I work in there is a plug and the lead reaches.

The dahlias are over now but here is how to plant dahlias next year without having to buy new seeds.anonymous_gardener_nov_1

Beneath this year’s dahlias there are tubers and you can dig these up before the winter, clean the soil off them and leave them to dry.

Next, cover them in newspaper, put them in a box or pot and leave the tubers in a dry frost-free place, for example a garage.

Then in the spring you can plant the tubers and you will have dahlias again!

I have been raking the lawn to get rid of the moss and dead grass, doing this helps the grass grow.anonymous_gardener_nov_3

The lawn I was working on is in shade so there are a few patches of sparse grass. In the spring this will probably need re-seeding. You can see how badly this work needs doing in my picture, right.

My main picture, above, shows a bush covered in spider webs one early Sunday morning.

A robin has been in the garden watching the work going on, unfortunately I haven’t been quick enough to get a picture.


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