Pothole ‘fixes’ are so frustrating, says Observer

Our independent Saturday columnist Observer is frustrated by the potholes epidemic, welcomes the new mayor and deputy mayor and wonders if Uckfield has a youth worker.


National news about the potholes epidemic is well mirrored in the Uckfield area.

Time and again I hear of people whose cars are damaged and often undriveable because they hit a pothole.

This AA report (external link) highlights the cost to motorists but my biggest worry is about the danger of a pothole causing a nasty accident.

A driver may hit a pothole and lose control of their vehicle.

In other cases, they may swerve to avoid the hazard, misjudge the late manoeuvre which also results in a crash.

The problem has been made worse this year by the harsh winter weather and years of “patch and mend” because the the finances of the highway authorities (in our case East Sussex County Council) have been squeezed year after year.

There’s no quick fix, although things should improve as the authorities fill holes more quickly than they open up, now that the better weather is here.

However, I would question the county council’s policy, which is no doubt driven by cost.

It is frustrating to see a handful of potholes “fixed” when, within a few yards there were many others, within a reasonable distance, which could have done with attention at the same time but did not get it.

I guess that is because they did not meet the criteria for filling. They soon will do.


I am also frustrated when I see what appears to be a comprehensive job in fixing a road deteriorate within such a short space of time.

It is hard to believe that five years ago a good surface was put down on Downsview Crescent, Manor Park. [See story here with photograph of how the road looked when the work was done]

Look at it now – potholed and damaged in many places.

Downsview Crescent, Uckfield, in May 2018. The road was resurfaced five years ago

Downsview Crescent, Uckfield, in May 2018. The road was resurfaced five years ago

In summary, drivers need to take extra care and don’t be surprised if you see an oncoming driver in an unusual position on the road – they are probably avoiding potholes.


Congratulations to the new Uckfield Town Mayor, Cllr Spike Mayhew, and the deputy, Cllr Jackie Love. Thanks to Cllr Louise Eastwood and Cllr Duncan Bennett for their work as town mayor and deputy mayor respectively.


Last week I suggested Wealden District Council and Uckfield Town Council get together to use grants money to support the provision of activities for youth.

Yes, as people said on this website’s Facebook page, there’s a lot going on but the trick will be to divert those hard to reach young people who are tempted to cause trouble.

Professional help and community support is what will be needed to make contact with these youngsters and engage them in activities that will keep them from causing trouble.

Do we have a professional, paid-for youth worker in Uckfield?

It’s that sort of person who will have the skills and abilities to come up with great ideas and be able to harness the goodwill in the town.

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