Posters are lame attempt to control illegal parking, says Observer

High Street parking posters are an attempt to shame those who are parking improperly or illegally.

I doubt they will work, writes our independent columnist, Observer


Temporary parking sign which has been put in Uckfield High Street to try and deter illegal parking

Those who fail to respect the restrictions probably don’t care a jot they are flouting the law.

They are hardly likely to take notice of such signs.

It’s a pretty lame response all round from the Uckfield and Wealden councils.

I see Sussex Police has put its name to the posters, as well.

Dishing out a few tickets would soon ensure compliance.

‘High on list of priorities’

On parking more generally across Wealden, it was interesting to learn that the leader of the district council, Cllr Bob Standley, put car parking enforcement “very high on the list of priorities he was working on”.

That comment makes it clear that it is not only Uckfield suffering from a lack of parking enforcement. Mr Standley has, he said, attended several meetings with the Chief Constable, Giles York, and county council officers to explore possible options.

Mr Standley does not support for charging for off and on-street parking in Wealden.

Question on decriminalised parking

I’m pleased to read such a pledge.

What I don’t understand is why the council cannot go for decriminalised parking in Wealden – meaning the local authority can enforce both on and off-street parking – without charging to park.

Surely there are enough parking infringements in Uckfield to cover the cost of a warden.

Uckfield Line trains: What trains? Friday morning showed just how much Southern relies on overtime to keep its services running as the cancellations rolled in.

The Secretary of State for Transport Chris Grayling says he is keeping out of the dispute as it is nothing to do with the government.

He must think we commuters also believe in Father Christmas.

It has looked to most commuters in Sussex for some months that the government is pulling the strings and guiding Southern’s hand.

Grayling should get a grip, along with Southern and the unions and sort this out once and for all.

They did a deal in Scotland, why can’t be one done down here?

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