Joyce Moore showing just a few of the postcards received from son Adam who is on a two year tour of the globe with a Globe Theatre touring production.

Postcards help Uckfield mum track son’s progress around the globe

An Uckfield mum is keenly tracking the progress of her son as he crosses the world as part of a team from the Globe Theatre taking Hamlet literally from Globe to Globe.

Joyce Moore, of North Row, Uckfield, is a Waitrose partner in town and has a collection of postcards from son Adam which is 87 and counting, writes Jacob White.

Stage manager

Adam Moore is a stage manager for the Globe Theatre’s touring production of the Shakespearian classic Hamlet which aims to visit every nation on Earth.

Joyce said: “Before Adam left I said to him: “It’s a great opportunity to see all those countries. I wouldn’t want you to go on your own but you’ll be safe as part of a group.”

Thirty-year-old Adam is a former Uckfield Community Technology College student and dancer with Deborah Lamb Theatre Arts as well as a member of Uckfield Theatre Guild.

He went on to study at the prestigious Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London before working for the Globe Theatre which he has done for six years.

Joyce said: “Adam was asked to go on the Globe to Globe tour as he had worked on Hamlet productions before and knew scenes and sets well.”

Epic journey

The project, directed by Dominic Dromgoole and Bill Buckhurst, started when 12 actors began an epic journey on April 23, 2014, to mark the 450th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birth.

The mission of the project is to take one of the world’s most famous plays to every country in the world with the two-year-long tour concluding in Denmark in April 2016.


Some of Joyce Moore’s favourite postcards from those sent by her son on his tour of the globe.

Adam set himself the challenge of sending his mum a postcard from each destination that he visits on the tour – so far Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Joyce said: “I have organised each postcard I have received by the order Adam is visiting them but I am a few short still, they must be in the postal system somewhere.”

With the tour reaching the half-way mark, one year down, one more to go, Joyce says that Adam’s favourite location so far on tour is Guatemala in Central America.

Best sights

Hamlet has a long history of international touring and this tour has taken in some of the world’s best cities and given Adam the opportunity to see some of the best sights on offer.

Joyce said: “In one of his most recent postcards Adam wrote how he had visited Constitution Hill and the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg which he found very moving.”

The tour hopes to build on the success of the Globe to Globe Festival, part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad when 37 international theatre companies visited London.

Good pair of shoes

Joyce said: “He has eaten at various British embassies around the world, he was told before he left to take a pair of good shoes to wear when meeting dignitaries.”

The team behind the project are true travelling players with their sets, costumes and instruments packed in suitcases and Adam has had to fill more than one role.

During the US-leg of the tour Adam played the accordion in Chicago and despite the glamour of ambassador receptions and worldwide sights of interest the schedule is gruelling.

Joyce said: “It’s very demanding, some days they only get four hours sleep. He can arrive late at night at a destination only for sleep and then head-off first thing in the morning.”

Favourite postcard

Looking through her photo album of dozens of postcards Joyce says that her favourite is the one from Montenegro which is holographic.

Reflecting on the half-way mark, Joyce said: “It’s a good opportunity to see the world – especially for me, someone who hasn’t even got a passport.”

Today, Thursday, April 23, the team from the Globe Theatre will be performing in Madrid, Spain, to mark the 451st anniversary of the birth of William Shakespeare.

To follow the tour you can visit or the official Twitter account @WorldHamlet.

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