Open for business, the new Uckfield railway station car park

Plenty of space for shoppers’ cars after station car park opens, says Observer

Independent columnist Observer reckons the new parking regime in the town is working well and implores everyone to do their bit for road safety at school going home time.

The new station car park and associated changes at the Luxford Field appear to be working.

Being in Uckfield for much of the week I have found it far easier to find a space to park; particularly in the lower car park where there has been a choice of spaces.

This is a welcome change for anyone popping into town to do some shopping or to meet a friend for a coffee.

There is, in business terms, a high rate of churn around these spaces.

Normally a company wishes to avoid churn but in this case it is just what the High Street traders want.

‘Easy to park in Uckfield’

Word will soon go out that it’s easy to park in Uckfield and that’s perfect.

The mid-stay car park has long enough for most working in the town and, if they need longer, the station car park is available.

I know it is a pay car park – you expect nothing else at a railway station – but in most towns workers have to pay to park.

Ensuring free and plentiful spaces for shoppers is the important thing for the overall health of the town. Full marks for Wealden for getting it right.

The opening of the station car park was a bit of a muddle but at least it is there now and open.

HIGH STREET ACCIDENT: I cannot comment on the circumstances in which a child was injured this week in a collision with a car as I did not see what happened.

As a general point, I do feel the UCTC children swarm down the High Street at the end of the day in an excited way.

I saw only earlier in the week one small girl start to run across the road in front of my car; only to stop herself suddenly and get back on the pavement.

‘Drivers keep your speed down’

She was never going to be injured as my speed had dropped to walking pace on seeing so many youngsters on both sides of the road.

UCTC might speak to the children about road safety but in the excitement at the end of the school day, commonsense seems to go out of the window.

My tip is: If you have to drive through the High Street [and I do mean along its whole length – not just past the shops] at this time of day, please slow right down. Your journey will only be delayed by a minute or so.

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