Nine homes could be built on land to the left of Queenstock Lane, Buxted, as shown in this Google Earth image.

Plans to build nine homes on ‘large grass verge’ in Buxted

Plans have been submitted to build up to nine homes on ‘redundant land currently serving as a large grass verge’ next to Queenstock Lane, Buxted.

It is an area of about two acres between Buxted rail station and The Buxted Inn, and is outside the development boundary for Buxted as included in the Wealden Local Plan 1998.

A public footpath runs along the eastern and southern perimeter linking the site to the station and the High Street.

‘Balancing exercise’

A statement with the planning application argues that because Wealden Council is unable to demonstrate a five-year housing land supply it should attribute diminished weight to policies restricting the supply of housing.

The proposal is to build five three-bedroom homes and four two bedroom homes. Each of the nine would have ‘private amenity spaces’ and two parking spaces.

The statement says: “Due to the comparative narrowness and length of the site the manner in which dwellings can be laid out is limited. The site’s layout features two semi-detached blocks of accommodation with a central parking court.


“Unit five sits in the middle of the site and is a detached unit and presents its front elevation to the south. Units six to nine have been rotated 90 degrees anti-clockwise to face Queenstock Lane with their primary elevations. These dwellings benefit from fairly significant front gardens as well as rear amenity areas.”

The statement continues saying dwellings sit comfortably within their own plot and do not impinge on neighbouring properties.

It says all have been set back (west) of Queenstock Lane to allow space for landscaping between the dwellings, and the road, to soften the appearance of the development and help it to assimilate in its village context.


New accesses would be created from Queenstock Lane to serve the development.

The statement concludes that in the absence of enough housing to meet objectively assessed housing needs in Wealden there is a clear need for the development.

It says: “Buxted is identified as an area potentially capable of accommodating a modest additional growth during the next plan period.

‘No technical constraints’

“The key surveys we have submitted in support of this application demonstrate that there are no technical constraints in relation to arboriculture or ecology and that the application site is capable of accommodating a portion of this growth.

“The design of the proposal has been sensitively worked up to take account of the surrounding area and sited to minimise the impact on the neighbouring residents.”

• Plans were also submitted last month to build a pair of semi-detached homes on the opposite side of Queenstock Lane on land currently used to store gas bottles and as parking for employees and visitors to the George Rose shop on High Street. Read more here.

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