Plans for new access to Framfield Nurseries near Uckfield

Plans for a new access road to Framfield Nurseries have been submitted to Wealden Council.

The current access is over land owned by Old Nursery House but “this is not ideal and has led to difficulties”, according to a document submitted with the planning application.

It says: “The owners of Old Nursery House have made it very clear that they would prefer not to have traffic pass over their land to Framfield Nurseries.”

It goes on to say that if the planning application for a new access is successful then they will offer the owner of the existing access the opportunity to purchase the right of access from Framfield Nurseries.

The access would then be closed over Old Nursery House land from Framfield Nurseries who would only use the new access.

“To clarify we would only ever have one operational access to Framfield Nurseries.”

The new access route is said to have been chosen because it “causes the minimal impact upon neighbouring properties” and allows for a better visibility splay than with the current access.

It would be alongside the existing access. A mature mixed native hedgerow would remain as a screen to the west and a similar hedgerow would be planted along the eastern side affording screening from Grange Farm House.

“We propose to have a tarmac apron at the entrance to the B2102 to allow grip for the vehicles existing Framfield Nurseries. Where the apron finishes the drive will then be finished with a pea shingle to match the existing drive within Framfield Nurseries and conforming to highways specification.”

An existing roadside hedgerow would be moved back a few feet to increase the visibility splay and to form a grass verge.

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