Plans for horse rescue at Piltdown

UPDATE October 29, 2010 Application refused according to Wealden Council website.

Plans for a horse rescue centre to be built at Piltdown are before Wealden Council.

An application, from Wealden Horse Rescue Centre, to change the use of land at Batts Bridge Paddocks, Down Street, Piltdown, to commercial equestrian also shows proposals for four new buildings and three open areas.

The buildings would include 24-hour staff accommodation, a double stable block with attached storeroom, a hay barn and kennels.

The planning application says 24-hour staff accommodation would be needed because some animals were so poorly they would need hourly medical treatment.

It also says the Police and RSPCA recommend permanent use of the site to minimise risk of intrusion by thieves or former owners trying to steal animals involved with ongoing court cases in order to destroy them to clear evidence.

The open areas include a lungeing ring, a sand school and a muck heap.

A design and access statement says: “The layout of these buildings/areas has been designed to minimise the impact on the surroundings with most only being visible from adjoining unoccupied fields and from the air.

“The applicants are very aware of the beauty of the area and wish to maintain this as much as possible.”

It goes on to say that the rescue centre will not be open to the public “due to its priority of dealing with welfare case rescue, where it is felt detrimental to the security of the animals to publicise the location of the centre”.

Here's a link to the Wealden Horse Rescue Centre website. 

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