40 New Barn Lane is in the bottom left hand corner of this Google Earth picture to the left of the green circular-looking site, which is the land proposed for development.

Plans for four new homes in New Barn Lane, Uckfield

Plans have been submitted to build four new homes on land beside 40 New Barn Lane, Uckfield.

The proposal before Wealden Council comes from Mr Keith Knight, of number 40.

It is for two semi-detached homes with two detached double garages, one garage for each home.

An ecology report describes the land as the remains of a former shallow quarry “forming the only undeveloped plot” in a residential estate.

It is surrounded by homes to the north, east and west, and by some open countryside “albeit with an active development site within it” to the south.

There is a row of tall cypress trees on the northern and eastern edges and there used to be other trees but only their stumps remain. The trunks were felled a few years ago.

The report says the ground slopes steeply down to the north and had a few minor water seepages in one place but without forming a pond. “The vegetation was extremely dense throughout.”

Not all of the site was accessible for the survey because of steep slopes covered in dense bramble and stinging nettle as well as several active wasp nests but enough was surveyed to enable a comparison with a previous report.

The conclusion was that the site was “uninteresting” largely because of the bramble scrub over all other habitats.

“House sparrow uses the site and can be mitigated for, whilst song thrush will lose potential nesting habitat but gain potential new feeding habitat.

“There is a slight risk of the presence of dormice during the bramble fruiting season but this is minimal.

“It is recommended that appropriate mitigation is incorporated into any new buildings by means of a biodiversity plan.”

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