How Ridgewood Farm could look. Photographed at a public exhibition at the civic centre

‘Planning benefits’ of building 1,000 homes

A long list of planning benefits is given in support of the application for 1,000 homes to the south and west of Uckfield.

A statement supporting the outline planning application, under a heading “The Planning Balance” says benefits arising from the scheme include the comprehensive delivery of a high quality residential-led mixed use urban extension within the district council’s Core Strategy.

It also lists:

  • · The provision of a 1,000 residential dwellings (net) which is consistent with the development priorities for this critical site and will meet the housing needs of the district;
  • · Delivery of market and affordable housing, including family housing;
  • · The delivery of high quality, modern and flexible employment floorspace;
  • · The provision of up to 423 full-time equivalent jobs accessible to local residents;
  • · Potential for the provision of a community hub;
  • · Provision for a minimum of a one-form entry primary school necessary to mitigate the impact of the development;
  • · Provision of land for up to a two-form entry primary school which will assist the county council’s education programme;
  • · The delivery of enhanced amenity facilities, including children’s play areas;
  • · The delivery of SANGS;
  • · The creation of new buildings which are sustainable in energy terms;
  • · The delivery of significant landscaping and public realm;
  • · Provision of a net gain in biodiversity terms;
  • · Improvements to permeability within and through the site for pedestrians and cyclists;
  • · Ensuring the best use of the site, delivering a sustainable form of development, which gives rise to no demonstrable adverse impact on the residential amenity of existing or future residents;
  • · Significant reduction to the area currently effected by odour arising from the sewage treatment works; and
  • · Potential for the re-routing of existing vehicles serving the treatment works away from existing residential areas.

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