Pigeon crisis at Holy Cross Church and a poem of thanks

Holy Cross churchwarden Dee Johnson has written a poem of thanks to East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service who turned out to help at the church in a crisis this week.

The whole story is here in verse:

The phone rang at home on Monday night
Two pigeons in church reported in flight
Our beautiful church could be redecorated
Not a colour scheme one had anticipated.

A call to Riger and then to Paul
Sankeys or Wildlife Rescue to call?
The fate of our pigeons hung in the air
Whilst feathers floated down without care.

Dusk was falling when the rescuers came
With nets and torches and poles to claim
Our Peter and Paul hiding on sills
High under the ceiling, not in the hills.

John, Cathy and Trevor a clambering went
Upstairs, on balcony, over pews with intent.
To capture our friends in one piece not two
To save them so they could continue to COO!

One hour went by, lights on, lights off
They fluttered, they flew around the loft
But one by one into the nets they flew
To be cuddled and cared for by someone who knew.

Our thanks go to Wildlife Rescue
From Holy Cross for all they do
Not pigeon pie on the harvest lunch
Churchwarden comment: what a great bunch!

Somehow though the thought was there
That Father Martin was also having a laugh
At the antics going on in our beloved church
So next time you’re in give a careful listen – for a coo or a giggle or
chuckle unbidden.

by Churchwarden Dee Johnson

• This poem was first published on the Holy Cross Church, Facebook page which can be found here. Thanks to Dee for giving UckfieldNews.com permission to reproduce her work.

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