a dilapidated section of stepped brickwork kerbing in Uckfield High Street.

Photographs show the state of Uckfield pavements

I regularly walk up and down Uckfield High Street but if anybody had asked me a week ago what state the pavements were in I couldn’t have answered, writes Cathy Watson.

So I’ve taken a closer look and you can see the results in these photographs which start at Hempstead Lane – where paving slabs don’t look too bad – go down the High Street, cross the road next to the new Shoe Zone, and head back up, stopping for a look down Church Street.

When the pavements are replaced next year is bound to be disruptive for retailers and shoppers but surely nobody would deny the work needs doing.

If you would like to share a view on the need for this work please send it to cathy@uckfieldnews.com and I will add them to this feature.


Richard Cosstick says:

Looking at your pictures of our towns pavements, I admit they do look bad, but the ones outside Carvills area with the step up bricks are part of Uckfield’s history.

I was once told that they were set to this height for the doors of the horse drawn carriage, to be able to open onto them, at the right height for the person to be able to get out onto the pavement.

Such parts of our history should not be let go. They are only in the state they are as have been left over the years and any missed bricks have just been patched up with Tarmac, not done with any care so they all look uncared for.

When I used to work in Carvills about 55 years ago and had the ‘joyous’ job of sweeping the pavement off each morning ‘something that had to be done’, I can tell you then that the pavements were in good condition and the brick kerbs were also perfect. The first row of the bricks has been almost covered as the road has been resurfaced over the years, so these hardly show today.

Back then in 1959 the pavements were of slabs, much like they will be putting down again, somewhere these former slabs were replaced or covered up with Tarmac. Old pictures of the town show these former slabs in place.

It is a great shame that small details like the one above will be lost forever and no one seems to care, the money could have been better spent on the town in so many ways, like making the hospital car park larger, much needed as many know when they try to park.

Never mind, once done our town will look just like the rest of the towns around, with maybe less shops as a result of all this work. Parking in the street should of course stay, it does no harm and aids the shops with customers being able to ‘pop in’ when required.

Maybe a limit of 30 minutes would help and keep spaces for further shoppers. Some of the money could pay for a Warden to police this a few times a month and make us all aware of the rules.

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