Permission given for new homes in Regency Close, Uckfield

White Gates in Regency Close, Uckfield, where permission has been given for new homes to be built after demolition of the existing house.

Outline permission has been given for up to nine new homes to be built on the site of a house in Regency Close, Uckfield.

But when Wealden councillors approved the planning application yesterday for the land at White Gates they stressed they were not happy with the indicative design of the new development or the number of homes.

They wanted to see the number of homes reduced when a reserved matters application was made.


Chair of the district council’s Planning Committee North, Cllr Johanna Howell, noted that the developer would be listening to the views of councillors and said: “I think the developer is hearing we will not accept nine homes.”

Cllr Helen Firth, Uckfield New Town,  said nine houses was too many and she was concerned about the height of those shown in an indicative design.

She added: I do sometimes feel this estate has been completely destroyed by additional parking. It was first built to be a green and open space, and ever since, people are being allowed to build houses here, there, and everywhere.”


She said in the White Gates development there was only one little corner of greenery. She feared all the concrete would cause flooding issues but was told that surfaces would be permeable, even if they didn’t look like it.

Cllr Paul Sparks, Uckfield East, shared concerns about the number of houses. He wanted to see that changed to seven rather than nine.

And he was concerned about parking issues. He said Regency Close was in the town centre and it got “jam packed” with people parking there when going to the railway station, or shops. “It isn’t just used by residents,” he said.

Good idea

On the other hand Cllr Gary Johnson, Uckfield Ridgewood and Little Horsted, said he thought the development was a good idea.

He was pleased to see the developer coming forward suggesting flats, two beds, and terraces for the site. He said that was what Uckfield needed.

Cllr Johnson added that generally he didn’t like “land grabbing”, people building in gardens, but since this site backed on to the High Street it was in a good position.

The outline planning application was approved with concern to be noted at the reserved matters stage about the layout and the number of houses.

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