Traffic queuing to join the A22 at peak time after the town centre roadworks began.

Permanent gridlock on Uckfield by-pass when 1,000 homes built?

Comment by Observer

I cannot be the only person in Uckfield who feels the A22 by-pass will be totally overwhelmed once 1,000 new homes are built at Ridgewood Farm.

The by-pass has been under pressure for some years with stop-go traffic at peak times.

Roadworks in the centre of Uckfield are now sending much more traffic around the town and the by-pass is creaking.

Last Saturday it was 10 to 20mph for part of the way as I went from the top of Bell Farm Road around to Little Horsted. This was a Saturday afternoon; hardly a peak time one imagines.

The recent peak-time jams are well documented.

Access for the new homes is planned to be a roundabout off the A22 between the Copwood and Little Horsted roundabouts. A second roundabout for the employment area is a possibility.

More people using the road and two more roundabouts look like simple arithmetic: they add up to chaos.

Of course, we know nothing will be done in advance of the new homes being built.

We the public and residents – not only in Uckfield but across the country – say it is sensible to build the infrastructure before the housing, so everything is ticketty-boo when all the new people move in.

However, there is no predict and provide mentality from the planners. The infrastructure is always years behind, whether it is provision of schools, hospitals, surgeries, roads. In fact, you name it, there is not even a hint of action until the problem becomes almost intolerable.

Who would pay for the upgrade of the A22 to cater for all the extra traffic? If it was built before the houses, perhaps the developers would be forced to stump up.

They might say it would make the development uneconomic. Oh dear, what a pity.

If the improvements come after the houses are built, the taxpayers will fork out. That does not seem right to me.

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