Peacocks store is ‘letting Uckfield community down’

Update on Thursday, January 7: Brighter Uckfield volunteer Ian Smith is pressing on with a battle to get High Street retailer Peacocks to deal with a litter problem behind their shop.

He was told a contractor would come last Wednesday, December 30, but nobody appeared. He contacted Peacocks head office on Monday and was told they would chase up their maintenance department who placed the order with the contractor.

Update on Thursday, December 17: Brighter Uckfield volunteer Ian Smith has been told that a contractor has been asked to take a look at the litter problem behind the Peacocks in Uckfield.

Mr Smith told Uckfield News that he had been contacted, by phone this morning, by a member of staff at Peacocks head office saying the contractor had been asked to provide a quote for making good.

He added: “I have asked the member of staff to contact me again once Peacocks have decided what action will be taken. Understandably, no action can be expected before the beginning of the New Year.”

Our original story on Wednesday, December 16: Brighter Uckfield volunteers who spend hours keeping the streets of Uckfield clean have described litter strewn behind the High Street store Peacocks as a disgrace to the town.


Brighter Uckfield volunteers Stuart Woodham, Beryl Venables and Ian Smith who want Peacocks to clean up land behind their Uckfield store.

One of their members Ian Smith has been emailing the store for nearly two years trying to get something done about the litter, writes Cathy Watson.

Mr Smith said Brighter Uckfield members had cleared it many times but a month ago decided enough was enough and that it was time the store took responsibility for its own site.

He said the whole area was poorly maintained, with water dripping from air conditioning units, ivy spreading across the wall, and graffiti on a back door. He didn’t understand why the store wasn’t taking action.


The rear of Peacocks described as a “disgrace” by a member of the Brighter Uckfield team.

Another of the Brighter Uckfield team, Beryl Venables, said there was a broken mirror on the land which would be a danger to children and animals if they strayed on to it.

She added the site was next to a car park, and on the way to Waitrose, a premier food store, and it gave a bad impression of the town.

Another volunteer Stuart Woodham said: “It is a disgrace.”

He said Peacocks were not only letting themselves down as a retailer but Uckfield as a whole. “We are very passionate about our town and they are letting the community down.”


Brighter Uckfield volunteers say Peacocks are letting the Uckfield community down by not clearing litter from the back of their building.

Mr Smith had a trail of emails to Peacocks going back to January 2014. Two were sent to chief executive Steve Simpson in July and October this year when the matter remained unresolved. Neither was acknowledged.

Mr Smith said the Brighter Uckfield group was prepared to litter pick the area but they needed a directive from Peacocks and they would appreciate sponsorship towards their costs. They already worked closely with Waitrose and McDonald’s on projects in town and had hoped to co-operate with Peacocks too.

The matter has been reported by Brighter Uckfield to the Wealden environmental health department.

There was no response from Peacocks press office yesterday to phone messages left by

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