The scaffolding tunnel next to fire-damaged shops in Uckfield High Street has been removed. The yellow lines opposite have also gone and parking spaces have been reinstated.

Parking spaces reinstated in Uckfield High Street

Update on Tuesday, April 9, 2013: Work took place last night to re-paint lines in Uckfield High Street and reinstate parking places outside the NatWest Bank, which were removed when scaffolding and hoardings were set up around fire-damaged buildings.

There are no plans yet to reinstate the pedestrian crossing near the site because while the scaffolding and hoardings were moved off the road and to the side of the pavement, over the weekend, some still remains.

An East Sussex County Council spokesperson said they were keen to reinstate the pedestrian crossing in that area but while scaffolding and hoardings remained it was unlikely to happen because of concern for the safety of pedestrians.

Commercial agent Chris Lawson, of Lawson Commercial, the company over-seeing re-building work at the site said some people were hoping to move back into their premises by August. Refurbishment is continuing and the roof will be re-tiled at some point.

Our picture shows the scaffolding tunnel next to the fire-damaged shops has been removed. You can also see the yellow lines, which have also now gone, outside the NatWest Bank where parking spaces have been reinstated.

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