Flashback to roadworks in Uckfield High Street last year.

Councillors to consider options for traffic management during Uckfield roadworks

Uckfield town councillors are to discuss options for traffic management when roadworks get under way in Uckfield High Street next year.

The matter is on the agenda for a meeting of the full council due to take place on Monday. The meeting, at 7pm in the Council Chamber at Uckfield Civic Centre, will be open to the public.

The preferred option in a list submitted to the town council is for a one-way system of working. Other options include a shuttle system, road closure and night working.

The roadworks will include a reduction of on-street parking spaces, wider footways with new, high quality paving, new benches, waste bins, cycle stands and street lights, new ‘smart’ traffic lights to monitor and control traffic, particularly at the critical junction of High Street and Bell Lane, and tree planting to help reduce flooding.

Detailed options for traffic management include:

One way system of working – described as preferred

  • Traffic to flow in a northbound (preferred) or southbound direction – for the whole build period
  • 32 week build period
  • Good access to the Luxford car park, shops deliveries and residents
  • Cost effective option
  • Consistent for road users and pedestrians

Shuttle system of working

  • Allows for flows to be two-way in sections
  • Low productive rate – sectional working (10 metres)
  • Complicated method of working with resources, workforce and materials
  • 52 week build period
  • Expensive to construct – possibly unaffordable
  • The traffic management may cause confusion to the public
  • Potential conflict with other traffic signals

Road closure

  • Good health and safety for working staff
  • Still provides pedestrian and resident access
  • 20-week build period for full town (Luxford car park shut)
  • 24-week build in two sections (keeping Luxford car park open)
  • Town closed to traffic (loss of passing trade)
  • Storage area for machinery and plant

Night working

  • One way system will still have to be in place
  • Noise disruption to residents
  • 68-week build period
  • Expensive option – unaffordable
  • Only a four-hour working period per day as only can work up to 11pm. Time has to be considered for movement of plant and machinery and setting up of traffic management
  • Light pollution in winter months

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