Operation Creosote task force comes to Uckfield

A “taskforce” will descend on Uckfield on Wednesday, February 22, to help residents protect their sheds from burglars.

There has been an increase in thefts from sheds and as a result the police are bringing what they call Operation Creosote to the town between 10am and 3pm.

All of the neighbourhood policing teams as well as neighbourhood watch members (in excess of 30 people) and East Sussex Fire and Rescue will call on properties in and around the town offering a number of services to the residents.

These will include:

Offering to mark up all valuable items in sheds and outbuildings using specialist security stickers;


  • Asking if people would like to join community contact to receive emails about what is happening in their area;
  • Asking if they want to join Operation Blitz, an operation aimed at reducing antisocial behaviour in the area;
  • Asking if they would a free fitted smoke alarm.
  • Asking if they would like to join Neighbourhood Watch; and
  • Give advice on security marking and registering valuable electrical items in the home.


Marking property can help the police trace losers when stolen items are found. It can also assist in prosecuting offenders.

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