One site for 1000 Uckfield homes

Most of 1,000 new homes allocated to Uckfield in a draft ‘blueprint’ would be built in one place as an ‘urban extension’.

Work would get under way in 2016 and, according to the document before councillors for consideration, would continue until 2030.

A map with the documents shows the extension would be to the west of New Town between the Lewes Road and the line of the former Uckfield to Lewes railway.

It would stretch nearly to the A22 by-pass and in the other direction to near the Victoria Ground.

There would be space for offices and other forms of employment in the area. Provision would also be made for a new school or schools.

The report to councillors notes: “Development at land west of New Town, Uckfield, will require significant preparation work for infrastructure purposes and in order to allow the market to deliver on the large, single site, housing will be built out over the long term.”

Across the whole district the council says: “Post 2015 the aim is to phase delivery such that new housing development is delivered at a constant rate in order to ensure that there is a continuous housing supply throughout the Plan period, allowing for market considerations, the ability of our community to assimilate growth and the development and delivery of necessary infrastructure.”

The plan is in draft form and has not been approved by the council.

See 1000 new homes shown for Uckfield in draft ‘blueprint’ for details of the processes the plan has to go through.

Reasoning behind future development plans for Uckfield

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