One of my favourite places

The Victoria Ground at the top of Uckfield is probably my favourite Breathing Space in town, writes The Ambler.

Driving up Old Timbers Lane and pulling into the car park is a real treat because the views over the playing fields are spectacular.

 Sports clubs make good use of the land but it is also a wonderful recreational facility.

Over the years we have enjoyed walks around the edge, leisurely picnics, hours of fun in the playground, watched the children learn to roller skate, helped them learn to ride their bikes, hit balls on the tennis courts,  and experienced the best kite-flying ever.

The Victoria Pavilion was the scene of many a happy chlldren's birthday party – what a treat it was for them to spill outside and be able to rampage over the field in safety. I guess it can still be used for parties?

Uses of the town council-owned ground continue to evolve with the latest addition being the Uckfield Skate Park tucked down at the bottom and off to the left.

It is very well used and youngsters praise the facility. They are looking forward to the construction of a second phase of building there but fund-raising has to be tackled first.

Parents of children about to start at St Philip's Primary School were always warned that the temperature on that hill could be ten degrees cooler than elsewhere in town and it's worth remembering that when setting off for a potter around there.

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