View of the newly shaped junction where Old Timbers Lane joins the main road in New Town, Uckfield.

Old Timbers Lane junction built out into High Street, New Town, Uckfield

A newly shaped junction has been formed where Old Timbers Lane joins High Street, New Town, Uckfield.

The pavements have been widened and shaped so giving vehicles exiting Old Timbers Lane a better view of the main road.

Our picture above shows the newly shaped junction. See below the new surface taking shape on Old Timbers Lane.


New surface going down on Old Timbers Lane, New Town, Uckfield.

There is currently no vehicular access to the Victoria Pleasure Ground while the lane is re-surfaced but pedestrian access can still be gained via St Philip’s School drive.

A dropped kerb has been placed in the footway between Old Timbers Lane and St Philip’s School leading to the site where two houses will be built fronting the main road.

The work is being done as new homes are built on now demolished St Michael’s Convent land.


New dropped kerb on the footway beside the main road in New Town. Two homes are to be built on land to the right of this picture.


There is still pedestrian access to the Victoria Pleasure Ground via St Philip’s School drive, but no vehicular access at the moment.

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