Observer’s delight as Refill idea catches on

Really pleased to see Wealden District Council is planning to push the Refill scheme, writes our independent columnist Observer.

It’s a great idea and I hope bars, restaurants etc will sign up to be part of the scheme.

A Refill station at Uckfield railway station and the bus station would be good, as long as they can be made secure.

It’s a small step to reducing the blight of single-use plastic but something that can be relatively easily achieved.

As the story giving details of Wealden’s plans noted ... Observer put the idea forward in the summer of 2017.

See – Observer bang on the money!

New Year Honours

Once again Uckfield has missed out when the New Year Honours are awarded.

We do see deserving folk from nearby villages in the list but it is something of a rarity for anyone who is resident in the town to receive an honour, at new year or the Queen’s Birthday.

An MBE, or even an OBE, wouldn’t go amiss for quite a few people in this town  – I won’t cause embarrassment by naming them.

How to nominate

The honours system is far from ‘smoke and mirrors’ and recognises people who have achieved in public life and committed themselves to serving and helping Britain.

It’s an open process.

Anyone can nominate someone for an honour.

If you are spurred to take action, head to this government website and get started.

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