Observer welcomes hope of Uckfield town centre investment

Our independent columnist Observer welcomes the hope of town centre investment and challenges the county council on why they have allowed roadworks in Crowborough to delay Uckfield commuters who have been banished to the buses.

Great to see investment business SJI speaking in encouraging terms about the retail prospects for Uckfield following my column last Saturday.

Chris Borkowski struck a really positive note, somewhat in contrast to my downbeat assessment.

I am happy to row back on what I said and bow to Mr Borkowski’s greater knowledge and expertise.

He said talks with some major retailers had been encouraging. That’s wonderful news.

Let’s hope the Town Centre Regeneration Committee can catch the breeze and set Uckfield on to a new and prosperous course.

And let’s hope townspeople can give some support.

Staying as we are is not an option. It will lead only to decline.

Roadworks ‘conspiracy’

Conspiracy theorists in Uckfield reckon East Sussex County Council has a down on the town.

Their beliefs will have been strenthened by the county council giving the OK to roadworks on Crowborough Hill, near to the railway station in Crowborough.

Yes, if you are an Uckfield passenger banished to the rail replacement buses, your journey is further extended.

Couldn’t these works have waited?

Conspiracy? Not in my book: just plain bad planning.

Going up this week

The fortunes of Uckfield Singers, named Community Heroes by the BBC radio stations

Going down this week

The fortunes of county, district and town councillors who are voting in pretty hefty council tax rises at a time of zero inflation.

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