Observer: Take your time on ever busier roads

Road safety again exercises the mind of our independent Saturday columnist, Observer.


It is hard to see what the authorities can do to make the A26 safer through Herons Ghyll.

The speed limit has dropped from 60mph at one time, through to 50 and now 40mph.

In fact, the 40mph is corralled either side by a 50mph limit.

The road has been resurfaced and there are plenty of signs warning of the dangers.

Fatal accident

Of course, like most of you, I have no idea of the cause of the fatal accident along that stretch earlier this week.

That is a matter for Sussex Police and the coroner.

My general comment on driving in this part of East Sussex is that far too many drivers seem unwilling to stick to the limit and roar past law-abiding drivers in inappropriate places.

There are also seems to be more tailgating going on.

Share the roads space

The roads are busier and we have to share the space.

Everyone could do with giving themselves a few more minutes to complete a journey.

Having said that, all drivers should accept that they should “make progress” and drive up to or near the speed limit – if it is safe to do so.

For example, the speed limit might be 30mph but only a fool would zoom past a school entrance at that speed with pupils milling all over the pavements. At 6am there is unlikely to be any danger in doing 30.

Proper research into setting limits

Speed limits can be unpopular but they are not introduced at the “drop of a hat”.

The authorities really think through the issues, weigh up the safety case and do consider the accident statistics.

I‘m guessing, but I think the A26 between Uckfield and Crowborough had a very poor safety record when the limit was 60mph, better when it was 50 and better still now at 40, accepting the sad events of Monday.

Uckfield Festival


It is the Uckfield Festival Big Day today (July 8). This is one of two “must see” events for Uckfield folk.

Huge efforts go into making this event the massive success it has become and over the years the number of spectators has continued to grow.

My thanks to everyone taking part and to the people who make Uckfield Festival happen.

It’s hard work, a long grind but you have the thanks (often unspoken) of townspeople for making a sparkling week.

Say thank you

My advice, is go out and enjoy it and if you see an Uckfield Festival official – go up to them and say, thank you.

The other “must see” event is still to come.

The first Saturday of September is in all our diaries with just one word: Bonfire.

When to see the Uckfield Festival parade

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