Observer: Shut that shop door

Prompted by a reader, our Saturday independent columnist, Observer walked along Uckfield High Street and urges shops, as a result, to keep the heat in, the cold out.

If you see a shop door closed, do you automatically think the business is not open?

Of course not.

The assumption, during normal shopping hours, is that they are open, supported usually by an ‘Open’ sign on the door,

So why do some Uckfield shops, and in other places too, persist with keeping their doors wide open on the coldest of winter days.

Fossil fuels

Warm air and profits are rushing out into the street and just adding that little bit more to over consumption of fossil fuels and adding CO2 to the atmosphere.

When I was younger my ears would often ring to shouts of: Do you think we live in a barn?

That question was actually an instruction from my parents to close the door.


The door closing habit soon became ingrained and continues to this day.

It keeps the heat in and the cold out.

On a larger scale, most shops and businesses now have a door closed policy, even when they are open…shoppers are savvy enough to open the door to get inside.

Thanks to a reader who pointed out that some Uckfield shops persist with keeping their doors wide open, even in the depths of winter.

Hot air ‘curtain’

Goodness know how much extra energy is wasted to keep the shop warm…hot air ‘curtains’ greet you in some places as you step over the threshold.

My research tallied with what my correspondent said – those guilty of heating the High Street are generally national chains.

Independents know that open doors waste money and waste energy.

A baby step

When writing last week about bringing an end to single-use plastics, I noted it was a small step for each of us but added together, across the country, it would make a difference.

Don’t kid yourself that climate change isn’t real and don’t think it is a global problem that only action on a world scale can deal with.

Both thoughts are wrong.

We all need to wake up to our individual responsibilities.

Investing in a sign which says: We are open and keeping the shop door closed is a baby step to halting global warming.

Together we can make a difference….so if you are the manager of a shop that has an open door policy, lobby those at the top for change.

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