Observer: Good news on car park enforcement

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Wealden District Council has it right with enforcing the rules on the Luxford car park, Uckfield.

The installation of anpr cameras means there is no shilly-shallying. There will be proper enforcement and that’s the end of it.

It will ensure, in particular, that those three-hour spaces nearest the shops will “turn over” with regularity.

At the moment – as long-term spots – many of those easy-to-access spaces are clogged up all day and every working day.

That’s no good for the shops. It is as important to have a good and ready supply of short-term parking spaces as it is to have on-street parking.

I can’t be the only one who has driven to town for some “quick shopping” and found it impossible to get a parking spot on the Luxford.

You either cruise around, seemingly forever, looking for a space, try your luck in the small car parks behind the shops at the top of town (some hope) or try your luck at Bell Lane or one of the supermarket car parks.

Frankly, I think sometimes it would be easier and quicker in the first place to drive to Lewes or Crowborough.

The Tesco supermarket enforces its car park time limits with cameras. It works, as those who have received a letter when in breach of the regulations will testify.

Next job for Wealden is to put up some big signs in the High Street directing visitors to where these car park spaces are. Don’t hide what will be a big asset to the town.

Referendum: I was disappointed to hear from the Editor of that there are no postal or proxy votes for next month’s on-street parking referendum. Your only option is to go in person to the polling stations to cast your vote.

It also appears there will be no polling cards.

Polling station opening times are also very strange – 4 to 9pm. Where did that come from? It does appear they are set down by Statute.

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