Will the Southern service from Uckfield be battery powered in the future?

Observer comments on trains, dogs and more

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A battery powered train. Knowing my interest of all things rail, the Editor passed a web link my way to news that a battery-powered train was under test.

I thought this might be an elaborate joke. No, there it was in action “under the wires” in East Anglia.

Would it have the power to get up the hill from Uckfield to Crowborough on a wet, dark November morning? Definitely one to watch. Here’s the report on Nextenergynews.co.uk

Dog walkers

More rogue dog walkers giving the rest a bad name at the Victoria Pleasure Ground where work is going on to renew the tennis courts. I see on this site’s associated Facebook page that one person appears to indicate that another dog walker is reluctant to pick up mess. Hope Wealden District Council takes notice – and action.

I also see the police are looking for information about dog fouling on the Harlands Estate. You will, probably, recall this dreadful incident.

All good news and welcomed by the overwhelming majority of dog owners in Uckfield who are getting fed up with the antics of a few.

Lower water bills

Something I thought I would never read: Water bills to fall. Action by the regulator has led to the fall, helped by the extremely low level of inflation in the UK. Every little helps, as someone, somewhere has said far too often.

And finally

The spectacular Christmas decorations in Browns Lane will be no more. The couple behind the show, which has raised big sums of money for charity and given Christmas cheer to thousands, have decided to call it a day.

Thanks for those past displays. You have brightened our Christmases for many years and it has always been worth a detour to see the show.

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