Observer asks: Did people power begin in Uckfield?

Our independent columnist Observer muses on where the “revolution” began.


I have been considering this week on the trains back and forth to London Bridge from Uckfield (you have plenty of time) about where the “people’s revolt” began.

Last year, we saw Donald Trump come from being a no-hoper, laughing stock to being President of the United States of America.

The “usual” political class was routed.

Earlier, the UK voted to leave the European Union. Again, it was the ordinary Joe and Jane who caused the upset, fed-up with the political classes in Westminster.

If you travel outside London and South East, and observe, you will soon see there is little economic prosperity making you understand where Joe and Jane (they are Trump’s forgotten man and woman) were coming from.

Of course, I cannot say for certain where and exactly when the tide turned but, in our part of the world, on the list for consideration must be the referendum held over plans for improvements to Uckfield High Street.

I thought I was well “up” on local government but I had never head of a “parish poll”.

Well the poll shook the status quo in Uckfield and did much, I would argue, to pave the way for the Trust Independent candidates to win eight out of the 15 seats at the last town council election in 2015.

Summing up, across the country, I sense that politics is returning to the grassroots. It will be interesting to see what 2017 throws up.

Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme

Pleased to say senior councillors do know the price of things AND THE VALUE. Well done for continuing the funding of the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme in East Sussex.

And, even more of a well done, to young Daniel Manvell who secured around 6,000 signatures on his petition to ensure the money was still there.

Uckfield Line trains

As predicted by many of us over a bottle of white wine on Monday evening, in the Dog and Duck, Southern’s return to “normal service”  on Tuesday was a shambles.

It’s not been much better for the rest of the week with Crowborough often being the furthest south the train dares venture. Maybe they fear the cowboy country of Buxted and Uckfield where wolves and strange mythical beasts roam the countryside.

There are suggestion that the whole Govia Thameslink outfit will be “nationalised” and the train service directly managed by the Department for Transport.

Well, I have to say they did a good job when they ran the East Coast Main Line out of King’s Cross.

Surely, the government must operate the door and usher Southern out.

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